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Jonette Crowley & Joy Travel with the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation Present:

Bosnian Valley of Pyramids and Croatian Coast
With a visit to the Mary Site of Medjugorjee

September 18-26, 2015

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I invite you to join us on a life changing event for you to experience an adventure of a lifetime. You will experience the Bosnia pyramids of the Sun and the Moon and go inside the tunnels to see the current work being done and feel the powerful healing energies. You will see the evidence and artifacts found in the Tunnels that are rewriting ancient history.  You will experience the energy coming from the Pyramid of the Sun. You then journey to Medjugorje the famous site in 1968 where the apparitions of Mother Mary began and are still occurring.

We will have a fabulous Fall Equinox celebration at the megaliths city of Daorson then off to the magical seaside city of Dubrovnik to swim in the Adriatic Sea. Jonette Crowley will be sharing new information during this amazing Journey of Discovery with time for gatherings talks and sharing. Come join us!

This truly is a sacred journey not to be missed.  If you have any questions, please call me 1 800 569-5010.





Vanda Osmon
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If you would like to create a special group of 12 or more let me know. I specialize in Egypt, Jordan, Malta, France, England, Scotland, Wales, Turkey, Greece, Peru, Hawaii, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Let us create our travel dreams together. Let your heart guide you to your next journey of unfoldment. Join us and experience divine principles and attune with nature, ancient wisdom and higher dimensions of awareness. Come home and experience greater self-discovery, soul empowerment and integrate new cellular awakening.

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